Riding the Pandemic Rollercoaster

I want you to take a moment and think back to your first ride on a roller coaster. For some, you shared the experience with a parent, maybe a sibling, or maybe with a close friend. You decided that today was the day, and you bravely stepped into the line; you waited patiently as it snaked its way through the metal barriers. You looked up at the towering metal track, studied the turns, and maybe the loops; you felt the wind as cars passed by, and heard the screams of the rider

Make Way for Vulnerability

My Dad passed away November 13, 2014 after unexpected kidney failure caused by a response to an embolism. In the five years since his passing, between October 19th and November 15th, (the weeks that remind me of hospitalization, life altering decision making, and funeral planning) there is a grey haze over my normally sunny disposition; it doesn't prevent me from achieving goals, interacting with others, or laughing at jokes, but there is something that changes about me duri