Making the Tough Call Hurts Sometimes

Leadership has its benefits; depending on the circumstance, it can come with a higher salary, power, perks, and most importantly, it's an opportunity to impact the lives of employees (positively OR negatively, depending on the type of leader you are). Over the course of my career in leadership, I have had to make tons of tough decisions; termination, budget cuts, ethical issues that needed to be confronted, cessation of a project that someone poured blood, sweat, and tears in

The Start Up Journey...Starting Again

On February 29th, I launched WNY People Development. For months, I had planned, researched, brainstormed, gathered feedback, and prepared to execute my vision of "people development with purpose"; I was poised to establish myself in Wilmington, North Carolina as THE top provider of leadership development for our millennial and Gen Z workforce. Every detail from the logo, training offerings, the "give back" model, and even the card stock selected for business cards, was meti

I Lead With Pom Poms and Positivity, and NO, I Won't Tone It Down

A few weeks ago, I started a series on WNY People Development's social media platforms called "Virtual Leader Snapshot Series"; the purpose is to provide quick and easy suggestions to increase engagement, and build team connectness in our "new normal" of remote work. For the second installment, I encouraged team members to bring an item that brings them joy, or they feel could bring joy to others, to a virtual meeting; I felt it important to share my item in the video as an