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Behind the Mask

These days, a trip to the supermarket is quite a production; prepare my list of "must haves" (for the love of Pete, please tell me you have toilet paper!), hand sanitizer in my purse, Clorox wipes on the front seat of my car, and the final, most important accessory for my outing...a mask. To be clear, I have always hated masks. As a child, I never picked a Halloween costume that would require me to wear one, and I avoided other kids in the neighborhood that were. For some

"You Down with PPE? Yeah, You Know Me!" Pause. Pivot. Evolve.

Our lives are chaotic. Prior to the disruption of COVID-19, my calendar made me dizzy; family obligations, work appointments, school board meetings, youth sports schedules, volunteerism, PTA events, and more. Like so many modern families, the Adams were constantly doing something, prioritizing importance, and counting the minutes until the next activity. Honestly, I thrive in madness, and the challenge to find physical, emotional, and mental balance is something I enjoy mo

Taking the LEAP...Off the Right Leg

Welcome to WNY People Development! After months of preparation and planning, I thought it would be fitting to officially take the LEAP into business on Leap Day. I'm glad you're here! As Chief Empowerment Officer, this is the space where I will share thoughts, experiences, and stories as we grow and learn on this start up journey; I will share leadership tips, best practices, inspirational quotes, and personal insights. Today's insights came out of yesterday's yoga class.

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