The Start Up Journey...Starting Again

On February 29th, I launched WNY People Development. For months, I had planned, researched, brainstormed, gathered feedback, and prepared to execute my vision of "people development with purpose"; I was poised to establish myself in Wilmington, North Carolina as THE top provider of leadership development for our millennial and Gen Z workforce. Every detail from the logo, training offerings, the "give back" model, and even the card stock selected for business cards, was meti

I Lead With Pom Poms and Positivity, and NO, I Won't Tone It Down

A few weeks ago, I started a series on WNY People Development's social media platforms called "Virtual Leader Snapshot Series"; the purpose is to provide quick and easy suggestions to increase engagement, and build team connectness in our "new normal" of remote work. For the second installment, I encouraged team members to bring an item that brings them joy, or they feel could bring joy to others, to a virtual meeting; I felt it important to share my item in the video as an